Infrastructure Management

Post-tensioning repairs to 102” Diameter PCCP

Pilot Tube Microtunneling of 12” gravity sewers

Segmental Slip Lining of corrugated metal sewer pipe

Installing wet tap sleeve for 24” PCCP force main bypass.

R3M has worked with its clients to inspect, evaluate, repair, rehabilitate and construct pipelines, force main and gravity sewers up to 132-inch diameter.

We have provided planning, design, and construction services for pipe construction and modifications up to 132-inch diameter sewers, and up to 102-inch diameter force mains. We have developed designs for up to 30-inch sewer pipe replacement in wetland areas requiring 90-ft pile supported foundations.

Our expertise in the evaluation, monitoring and repair of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) offers unique opportunities for our clients to gain local access to this knowledge and experience.

We have worked with proprietary technologies for acoustic monitoring of wire breaks in PCCP, as well as wire break analyses and pipe safety evaluations using 2 and 3 dimensional models. We have been reviewing wire break data for one PCCP pipeline for over 10 years.

Pipeline failures require immediate response with the knowledge and understanding of resource availability and specialized construction capabilities. Our staff have provided emergency engineering services for the temporary and permanent repairs to PCCP, ductile iron, cast iron, and PVC pipelines ranging in size from 8” to 102” diameter.

R3M has experience in trenchless technologies for rehabilitation including cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining systems and segmental slip-lining systems. Our experience in trenchless pipeline installation methods include microtunneling, pilot tube, jack-bore and horizontal directional drilling (HDD) installation methods for various pipe materials.

We have provided and design and construction support for bypass systems including wet tapping and line stops, HDPE bypass piping systems using both pipeline pressure and bypass pumping systems.

We have implemented operating bypass systems up to 70 MGD to meet our client’s needs.

R3M has provided services for roadway, culvert and utility infrastructure projects, and we are prepared to assist our clients in addressing all their infrastructure needs.