Pump Stations

Installation of new 24” Cone Discharge Valves

100 gpm wet well mounted pumping station

Repair wet well and install new comminutor and platforms

New Nat Gas Generator elevated above 100 yr flood elevation.

We have demonstrated experience in the planning, design, rehabilitation and construction of wastewater pumping stations including screenings collection and disposal, comminution, wet well and pump hydraulics, discharge piping, chemical feed and odor control systems.

R3M is in responsible charge of the rehabilitation, reconstruction and restoration of a 300 mgd pumping station that receives sewage flows from over 33 municipalities.

We evaluated the pump station hydraulics including hydraulic transients, and modified the existing surge protection systems within the facility. We have designed new mechanical bar screens and screening presses as well as modifications to existing screening systems.

The work involved all ten (10) pumps, driven by 5kV motors with constant speed synchronous and variable speed wound rotor motors ranging in size from 800 to 1000 HP.

We worked with our client to replace a failing sanitary sewer with a new 100 gpm wet well mounted pump station including emergency generators. We have worked with public utilities and public entities to design and implement temporary and permanent pumping stations using both wet well submersible and dry well vertical centrifugal pumping systems.

We have designed the installation of comminutors within existing pump station wet wells, evaluated pump station capacities, and provided new diesel and natural gas fired generators to address both emergency and standby power requirements.